Infrared Heat Good or Bad

Since infrared heat is invented people takes it as a topic of discussion/debate, pros or the positive side of these radiations are not new to anyone. But there are also some myths about infrared radiations lets see how these myth are just opposite from reality


Myth– People thinks that Infrared Radiations are responsible for tanning (Skin Burn), or use of Infrared Saunas will affect their skin.

Reality– Tanning or skin burn by sunlight is due to Ultraviolet rays and there is no roll of Infrared rays in tanning, second infrared rays will help you for proper blood circulation and treatment of tissue repairmen. Using sauna is beneficial for your health.

 Infrared Heat

Myth-Infrared Heat or radiations may caused blindness even if you are using it as a heaters, in saunas etc.

Reality– Infrared radiations are having a very large band and types thus the infrared radiations or heat you are using in primary bases are not so high and it will not effects your eyes very soon or instantly weather if we talking about industries the infrared radiations in used was of high intensity and that may cause blindness if you are not using precautions.


Myth-Infrared Heated food or cooked food is not nutritious, and will affect your body

Reality– Infrared Heated food is just like microwave cooked food even infrared radiations cook food in less time. According me infrared heater cooked food is much tastier.   


Myth– Just like other Radiations, Infrared Radiations may cause cancer and other harmful diseases

Reality– Everybody is the source of infrared according to black body radiation law, so how it will cause cancer and other harmful disease. We are between infrared radiations so no one can escape from these radiations.


So don’t spread myths about Infrared Heat or Infrared Radiations this radiation help as very much in almost sectors and is a good source of heat.


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